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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Young Lovers by Lauren Posey

Two young lovers,
Walking on the sand,
Gazing at each other,
Talking hand in hand,

The prints they leave behind them,
Marking memories of the past,
The long beach laid before them,
hoping love will last,

The ocean captures the footprints,
And erases them from the shore,
Taking with it remembrances,
And leaving them with more,

Many years have passed,
Time flies when you're having fun,
And before you know it innocence fades,
And the teen years are done,

Now she's back on the beach,
Except she is alone,
Watching and waiting,
For the love that hadn't grown,

She walks along the ocean,
Two footprints, not four,
Wondering where the laughter went,
Why he didn't love her more,

Then she stops to sit,
And draws his name in the sand,
A celestial stranger comes along,
And reaches out a hand,

Hesitantly she takes it,
And he listens to her cries,
He's been there before,
He's heard many lies,

They decide to walk,
She follows, not knowing why,
Love will always be reborn again,
Even if it may die,

She is more cautious than before,
And as she looks back at the footprints,
She smiles seeing not two, but four,

This time will be different,
Her heart is trying to say,
Something magical happened,
She felt it the first day,

Something clicked when they touched,
A jolt from deep inside,
She knew he'd be there always,
If she had something to confide,

Now here it is,
many years later,
And his love for her,
Is now even greater,

He looks at her
like the first time they met,
And despite all the years gone by,
They can never forget,

Those four special footprints,
That are never washed away,
They'll stay forever on her heart,
Until their dying day.

©Lauren Posey

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  1. My name is Lauren Posey, and I wrote this so long ago. I was around age 17, and didn't know who it was for. But the words just flowed, never ceasing, never paused, and when I finally reached the end; I had not a clue as to what love was. Not sure that I still do, but faith keeps me alive, to know that this is a feeling within me, that will never subside. So to all those out there, who have never found settling to be enough... hang in there, have hope, because to believe in love is tough.


    And thank you for reminding me something I had forgotten from so long ago, because love... is everything we need to heal this world. God bless.


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